Name: Silvini Skiroll (c)up  Ještěd – výjezd do nebe

Official name of the website: https://www.boboloppet.com/

Year: 2

Date: 28/09/2014

Registration: through form on the website

Start: 13:15 Janův Důl – the main cathegory, 13:20 free style, 13:25 in –line by poles……

Start bibs: 12:30 – 13:00 at the start area – Janův Důl

Start money: until 31.8. 2014 – 200,- CZK, until 20.9. 2014  - 300,- CZK, until 28.9. 2014 – 400 CZK, For kids 50,- CZK

Capacity: 300 athletes !!!!

Payment: bank transfer 7508046001/5500 until 10 days after registration on the website, otherwise registration is not valid

Cathegory: men 18- 100 years old, women 18 – 99 years old, main race – classics ( black wheels, average 7 – 8 cm). Other races – free style, in – line by poles.

Distance: 12 km for all cathegories

Finish: Ještěd – the end of the asphalt

Prices:  first three of all cathefgories

Drinks: Výpřež -   Enervit  drink during  the race, tee and  chocolate biscuit at the finish line for free

Parking: at the start area in Januv Dul ( for free), at the finish area- about 500 metres before finish line (100,- CZK/ 1 day) parking place Ještědka. Is it possible to put some stuff to the van 5 minutes before the start and pick it  up for changing clothes at the finish. Is it possible to take a taxi back to the start (50,- CZK/ 1 person) after award ceremony. Last athlete will be followed by van, where it is possible to keep extra poles and other staff


Silvini Skiroll classics 2014: the race is the part of the new formed serie on the roller skies. The winner of the serie will get new roller skies Swenor and poles Swix Triac. This serie consists of 4 races – uphill on Praděd, Šerlich, Špindlerovka and Ještěd- which is the final race.  You will find more information  at Silvini SKiroll Classics